Dave Hamilton Photography

Using the word can’t around Dave Hamilton is like posing him a challenge. “Of course you can,” he’ll likely tell you. As a serial entrepreneur and avid artist, Dave brings unique perspective to the table. Dave is self-taught, both in photography and in business. Instead of parameters or limitations, Dave brings ingenuity and creativity. Through trial and error, passion and drive, Dave has developed an iconic style that resonates with clients and their audiences.

Dave Hamilton is one of the most inventive photographers in the music industry. His vision and tone is unmatched.

Through his flagship company, Dave Hamilton Photography, Dave has captures astounding moments across the globe for an array of high caliber clients. For World Housing, Dave traveled to the slums of Cambodia to document devastating living conditions. For the Olympics, Dave brought to life the sweat and tears of our determined Canadian athletes. His creative eye has led him to shoot for Fazioli Pianos, Coca Cola, Lamborghini Vancouver, RCMP, and World Housing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]