p1100181a.jpgThe primary purpose of an artistic and career development assessment is to evaluate an artist or band’s musical footprint as it is today. We then provide thorough and constructive directions on the steps that should be taken now to help achieve goals.

There is an initial pre-consultation questionnaire that will guide our “forensic” examination of an artist’s materials. No two assessments are the same. Our goal is to professionally prepare artists to become more competitive, to exceed their artistic goals, and to provide proactive representation if warranted.

No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out on your own what your next move should be as an artist. Start off on the right foot.

Our Artist’s Assessment covers:

  • Artistic and Career Development
  • Website Design and Functionality Review
  • Content Update and Posting Strategy
  • Building Your Fanbase Online Footprint (Buzz Build)
  • Alternative Revenue Sourcing – Music Syncs
  • Audio/Video Documentation and EPK Development
  • Press Development and Archiving
  • Grants and Investor Funding
  • Short – Mid – Long-Term Goal Setting
  • Social Media Integration and Syncing
  • Effective Marketing and Branding Tools
  • Song and Biography Writing
  • Free Downloads vs. Commercial-Releases
  • Rights and Royalty Management (Registration)
  • Booking and Performance Strategy
Chris gave us a very detailed walk through of what we needed to improve, and move forward in the music industry. His assessment was definitely very helpful, and eye opening. I would recommend any artist still struggling in the beginning stages to take full advantage of his knowledge and experience. Molly’s Reech
“Christopher analysed my social media footprint and gave me an informed report on the areas which needed improvement. Through a detailed discussion he provided me with the tools I needed to really expand my fanbase online. I would recommend any artist in the early stages of development seek advice from Chris, he has a great insight into the Industry and the ins and outs of Social Media.” – Danielle Stellar

To ask more questions or to book your artistic assessement, please email: chris@mercuryartists.ca